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Calm Canine provides obedience training and breed education, with certification in temperament testing and expertise with rehoming sheltered and/or fostered dogs

Provided by

Mary Beth Hennen
Certified Trainer
Animal Behavior College, Inc.


Make a start toward a happy end!

Training is beneficial for adopted dogs transitioning to new homes and for caretakers establishing benevolent leadership in the home.

Puppy classes feature socialization and obedience training. Dog classes feature obedience training and leadership orientation for owners.

Serving the Chicagoland communities surrounding the Fox River Valley.

    My in-home training is designed to be flexible for managing busy households and busy schedules. House manners and real-life reaction to bells, beeps, buzzers, children and guests are best addressed in the home. A set of general obedience skills can be taught or you may choose the issues you want addressed.

    Puppy Obedience

    Puppies as young as 8 weeks old can begin basic obedience training! This 6-week class features socialization and covers the basics of learning theory using positive reinforcement training. It will build communication and trust between you and your dog. This class is intended for dogs 2 - 6 months of age.

    Adult Obedience

    Adult dogs are never too old to learn new behaviors! This 6-week class is for beginners of obedience training or for those interested in brushing up their skills. Dog classes feature learning theory, obedience training and leadership orientation for owners. Positive reinforcement is used to teach the dog a variety of skills including watch, sit, down, stay, come, heel, loose leash walking, place, as well as a trick of your choice. This class is intended for dogs 6 months of age and older.


    *each additional family dog is $5 extra per session


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